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What's going on here?

I've completely redesigned this site for my 2.5 annual visitors and have entered the shameful world of blogging. In a race to the bottom, I have avoided being the last webadmin to convert to blog format. I can confidently state that there are at least three other sites on the internets that do not contain a blog, and I have beaten them to this end.

Now that doesn't mean I'm going to be prattling about my feelings like some goth kid who claims to be misunderstood. I do however reserve the right to post links to things that I find interesting and to demand that you click through.

This is also a convenient way for me to post news on the site, such as I'm doing now ... including news of when I post more pictures on the photo gallery, when I add (un)awesome new content, or when my readership exceeds 2.75 persons.

Thanks for visiting.

New photos

Added four more photo collections

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