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You Got Served !

Firetruck Dance Party

it's on . don't be trying to tell me it's not on when it clearly is on.

Connectivity issues fixed ?

If you were one of the 0 people complaining about slow page loads and lost images, I would tell you that I think I have the problem fixed now. But since you're imaginary, I have no need to tell you this.

I have replaced my aging router with one that is more modern and not powered by downtrodden gnomes demanding workers rights.

If you experience any stalled connections or broken page elements, please email me and let me know about it.

I just read the Oklahoma Daily for the articles

I usually spend Feb. 14 at home by myself with a paper bag over my head watching reruns of Punky Brewster and Max Headroom.

Every once in a while, the doorbell will ring. I'll answer it, only to to find a jovial couple that decided to take time out of their happy Valentine's Day date to come by my house and laugh at how lonely I am. I'll then give a depressed Morrissey-esque moan which is drowned out by their hysterical laughter as I slam the door.

It's a bit like Halloween except instead of the trick-or-treaters taking candy from me, they take away my dignity.

Read More... Valentine's Day no fun for the loveless
by Travis LeBlanc (The Oklahoma Daily Feb 03, 1999)

The Photo Gallery has a new look

Click on over to the new Photo Gallery. I changed it up a bit so it's more usuable and easier for me to manage.

What's in it for you ? Well, clicking on a gallery will show you thumbnails of each image. Then clicking on a thumbnail shows a medium size version of the picture (normal size if you have really big thumbs). Click again and you get the original image, usually in a four megapixel size. Be patient because this is being served from my home computer.

You'll also find hyperlinks for sending an email to someone with a link to the photo gallery(ies). And also there's a linky thing that lets you purchase prints of any of the pictures from Shutterfly.com. I'm not affiliated with them in anyway, nor do I receive kickbacks for any sale. It's just convenient.

January is Old and Busted

Here are some pictures from a couple gatherings at the Kenwood house. The way we did things in January. Don't say it looks like every other month. This one has sprinkles.

Get Your Own Superbowl

Act now

... linkified to quicken the pageload and because it was kinda lame

Here Come the Leafers

Peter(in church): Can we get on with this, the Patriots kick off in 15 minutes
Guy from new york: Patriots suck!
Peter: Blasphemy!! (throws holy water in the guy's face)
Guy: (falls down screaming)
(cut to scientist in a lab)
Holy Water? Where's that acid I ordered?

Family Guy Episode 307: Lethal Weapons

click picture for clip (requires xvid codec)

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