St. Patrick's Parade 2005 Photo(s)

I'm going out on a limb to say our third annual participation in the parade was a great success. The weather was hot, the attendance was hotter, and we probably won all kinds of awards and trophies for stuff we don't even know about. =)

Last year we made the Dallas Morning News (saved the excerpt). This year we're told our float was highlighted on ABC local news. Haven't seen the video yet but we're working on that. Anyone got leads? Working in shifts for us?

Best still, nobody fell off the firetruck and got run over requiring us to stash the body in a port-a-potty behind 7-Eleven. That didn't happen even once.

We somehow managed to "use" hundreds of jell-o shots and give away thousands of beads and other assorted goodies. People just like free stuff, I guess.

There was a technology failure that prevented me from getting most of the pictures I took off my memory card. I tried using a magnifying glass to read the bits directly from the card while I blindly held a pen in my other hand to draw the pictures on paper. But when I looked at what I produced, for some reason, I just had drawn about 200 pictures of monkies in compromising positions. Oh well.

Thankfully Tim had his camera and we got several good shots from him to show you today. We hope you enjoy browsing through them. And if you were able to join us for the parade, thanks for coming and we'll see you again next year.

So what are you waiting for? Go look at photos now!