The Origin of the Finger

South Park 501: Scott Tenorman Must Die
I can't get enough of this "Finger in the Chili" thing happening right now. It's really the best thing going on in the news these days. Oh sure, there's the Pope thing, but he's in a better place. And there's the PVS thing, and well, any place she's in is better than laying in a bed for 15 years.

So here we are with our lucky winner of the extra chili ingredient. It should come as no surprise to anybody to find our victim has filed half a dozen lawsuits previously, including one against another restaurant. I think it would have made for a better legal battle to have played this card first. Go for the big money lawsuit right off the line.

Now which of these scenarios is more likely :
a) Someone lost a finger in the chili and no one knew about it.
b) She planted the finger to try to win some money.

Let's even bring statistics into this.
How often do people lose a finger in a food plant or restaurant and nobody knows about it?
How many people, not yet 40, have been involved in 6 lawsuits?

If she's found to be lying she should be forced to eat a finger. Preferably one of her own. She can put chili on it if she likes.