You Too Can Be An Artist

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City of Dallas PaintingOver the weekend I attended the Dallas City Arts Festival in an attempt to add culture to my life and so I would have something to talk about the next time I go to one of those social events where everyone is standing around discussing the metaphysical symbolism inherent in diverse immanent characters, which occurs in my life approximately once every 84 years at the going rate.

On this day the museums, which otherwise charge some fee to enter, were free to the public. I didn't bother to find out how much admission normally was, but if I knew this information and the total revenue of the museums, I could calculate the number of suckers living in the Dallas metro. Since there was nobody standing at the door of the museum collecting money in exchange for an "Admit One" ticket and a t-shirt that says "I'm pretending to be high-class," I imagine the place drew an entirely different crowd than would normally be in attendance (although the word "crowd" probably only applies on Arts Festival weekend). The regulars with real appreciation for this kind of thing, and thus a willingness to pay for it, were at home stewing on their fine Italian leather upholstered couches praying that the uninitiated don't get their commoner germs all over the fine works of art. Meanwhile I was in the presence of a diverse collection of individuals, some of whom I think were there only for the free air conditioning and would have had an immensely better time at the monster truck rally.

It was suggested to me that I would find classic artwork and sculptures more interesting than the contemporary exhibits that dominated this particular museum. I imagine this is true--creativity that stands the test of time has more credibility. Besides, the modern masses are notoriously bad judges of quality. If you need proof, just browse the prime-time channel line-up in your TV Guide.

Disclaimer: I actually had a good time.

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I actually paid to go to the dallas art museum once when I lived there. I quite enjoyed it. They were having a special exhibit on Art Deco and had a massive collection of furniture, nic-nacs, and the like; plus models of frank loyd wright houses. Other than that I pretty much stuck to the photography and modern art sections. I wasn't a big fan of the ethnic exhibits or much else... I don't remember it being that expensive to get in, but I used my old OU ID so I got a discount.