Atkins Revisited

Bacon ChurnerA late entry into the TGI Friday's Menu Prank has renewed my interest in (mostly) harmless corporate mischief.

For those of you not familiar with Rob Cockerham's work, his website at (safe for work) captures the photostory of a brilliantly entertaining series of science "experiments," pranks, and creations. Although best known for his "How Much Is Inside" adventures, some of the most clever things Rob is responsible for are his public shenanigans.

My favorite of which was the aforementioned switch-a-roo of a restaurant menu page. Check it out. The Atkins menu was replaced with an Atkinz menu, looking like a unlicensed knock-off of the Atkins plan.

The nature of these pranks necessarily prevents us from knowing the outcome, but I can easily imagine the reaction of someone reading about a menu item described as "So delicious, you'll want to throw up and eat it again."

If you haven't seen the linked website before today, I apologize for inadvertently causing you to waste the next couple hours browsing through the content.