Plug: Salivating Dog

In case you haven't noticed, there's a new link in the blogroll section of the sidebar. I recently found out that my friend and erstwhile coworker J LeBlanc has a blog of his own, and I've been missing out on his clever and offensive witticism for these past few months.

I turn your attention to today's entry on Salivating Dog because of the answering machine message he recorded and posted online. He's going on a little nature trip with his kid, and the message foretells the experience he's going to have with the natives. When I listened to the recording, I laughed for 2 minutes and 38 seconds straight. And then I chuckled a little more after that.

Go look, go listen, and don't come back until you've laughed so hard milk is coming out of your nose. Unless you're not drinking milk right now. In which case, if white stuff comes out of your nose, go see a doctor immediately.