I Want to be a Coffee Snob


cremaOne of the pages I read somewhat regularly linked to coffeegeek.com, a site dedicated to the simple pleasures of coffee, and the making of coffee though the use of not-so-simple machines.

I was given a Mr. Coffee espresso maker (who says appliances don't make great gifts?) that I use frequently to turn Starbucks beans into Starbucks liquid, and I enjoy the bitter results immensely. However, it would seem in the world of brushed stainless steel machines with fancy foreign-sounding names, there is no appreciation for my little black plastic workhorse with its respectful appellation. Nowhere will you find a review of the Mr. Coffee, Mrs. Coffee, or even Recently Divorced Coffee (which produces a very bitter cup).

Instead, we have reviews of a wide selection of espresso makers that many people would have to take out a loan to purchase. I found out in fact, for the price of a small car or a mail-order Russian bride, you can make in your very own home the same coffee the professionals make at Jack in the Box and other fine establishments. And you can obsess about getting the perfect layer of crema to adorn your espresso shot.

That's a little much for me. I'm going to continue to be ignorant of the possibilities of the home-brewed goodness. Instead, I want to go to classy coffee shops, sit on nice furniture planted on hardwood floors in a dimly lit room, and enjoy the product of freshly roasted beans prepared by someone who regards espresso as an art form.

But where do I find an experience like this, and how far am I willing to travel ? Well, from reading CoffeeGeek, I discovered a few things. The most recent article posted described a coffeeshop in the DFW metroplex that sounded promising. I was surprised to be reading about a place that appeared very close to me, until I realized this coffeehouse is in the FW part of DFW. I might go there once if I have another excuse to travel west, but surely there's something closer.

So where do I find a good coffeeshop in Dallas ?



for next time you need a DWI lawyer and a cup of coffee to cure the hangover at the same time.

this place is famous & one-of-a-kind but i don't know enough about coffee to judge its true merit as a coffee shop. also, it's very close, down by that Minyard's on abrams.

they just opened a new starbucks on the corner of campbell and 75, fyi. it even has a potbelly deli.

I've actually found the best espresso to be made at home comes from one of these:
They're cheap and very effective. When the italian monks invented the stuff do you think they had gicantic electric espresso makers?