A Tour of LA


Me and some friends took off for LA for last weekend and a few surrounding days. Our trip to the West Coast was provoked by a football game between OU and UCLA. The outcome of the game could have been better (a lot better), but we did so many other things on the trip that it completely worth going.

We went to Universal Studios, Venice Beach, Pasadena, Hollywood Blvd, drove around Beverly Hills, and probably some other places I'm forgetting. I also wanted to walk around Compton late at night, but nobody else would go with me. We ate at some great places like Tokyo Delves sushi, Roscoes, a Brazilian place called Samba, and for a touch of home, a bar called Texas Looseys.

Click over to the photo gallery for some pictures that I took while we were there.

Oh, and I brought you back a souvenir. Ask me for it next time you see me.


I just wanted to thank you all for coming out. I don't get to see my homies anymore now that I moved away. I miss you guys and hope you had a great time out here in LA! If I can stay at a job long enough to get some vacation built up then I’ll make my way to Big D.

I'm not sure what souvenir you're talking about but I'm missing my extra buttplug so if you find it let me know.

I had a great time. Athena is ready to go back and do the shopping that she didn't get to do.

kirb-street... thanks for the great time and letting us stay with you. just remind me to bring my own propane next time. come to the big d anytime.