I Saw Bartlesville

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Returning to your home town after years of absence is like watching your favorite childhood movie--it's only going to be really great for nostalgic reasons.

I went on two vacations last week. The first, faithful readers, you know about. Then later in the week I sojourned in Bartlesville. Normally I have to explain to people where B'ville is and describe its historical significance, but if you are reading this you probably know me well enough that you also know about this town I grew up in.

I had not been back to Bartlesville since my parents moved away 3 years ago, so there were lots of things i wanted to see and do while i was there.

You may not realize it, but this town is home to the only great Chinese restaurant this side of the Atlantic: Szechuan. It also has Murphy's Steak House--world famous for the "hot hamburger with cheese, gravy over all". No really, go ahead and ask anyone; even a starving Laotian sweatshop worker knows of this culinary delight. Truly fantastic, no matter what you think by reading the literal description.

But it wasn't just the eating I was there for. There was an actual, scheduled reason for this trip. I was attending the wedding of a friend from high school. In keeping with my recent unfortunate trend, I was late to this wedding ceremony as well. I'm afraid that if I ever get married (for money, of course) that I would arrive regretfully late then too.

I also had the opportunity to visit Osage Hills, the campgrounds that provided my childhood with enough outdoor experiences to make a park ranger jealous. Osage Hills gave us the cliff diving, rope swing, rafting in sand creek after a heavy rain, and primitive camping where we sat around the campfire and (as history records it) behaved perfectly.

Now I saved the best to write about for last: I stayed in the Inn at Price Tower while there. I was so excited about this opportunity I made reservations months in advance. The place is a fantastic stay, but don't go there expecting the peak of modern technology. The charm of the rooms is the decades-old style of furnishings and design that could only come from Frank Lloyd Wright. I highly recommend it for your next trip to Bartlesville, if you're in to that kind of thing, of course.

All in all, it was a successful vacation. Good times, nobody got hurt, and I got to cross another item off my "Things to Do Before I Die" list.

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