Cops Bust Worst Counterfeiters Ever

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What would you do if you were working retail, and someone presented you with a one million dollar bill ?

This happened in a Georgia Wal-Mart like a year ago after a woman went on a $1600 shopping spree and tried to pay with a $1,000,000 banknote, and had the gall (or perhaps the misplaced confidence) to ask for change. She presented the funny money after trying first to pay for the merchandise with two gift cards that turned out to have a combined balance of somewhere around a dollar.

This woman was found to have two other million-dollar bills in her possession when she was arrested, an event that surely came as a complete surprise to her. She still contends that she thought these notes were real, legal tender, given to her by her deadbeat trash husband whose whereabouts were unknown.

Now this guy must not read the news, because he thought he'd have a go at it as well. He was trying to deposit 999 of these bills at a bank as collateral for a loan. What was he trying to buy that he needed a billion dollars in collateral ?

The part that confuses me is how someone could be smart enough to print money that police admitted was of convincing quality, yet dumb enough to think that the US has million-dollar bills in circulation. The largest bill being printed is the $100, but I have to admit it would be inconvenient to carry around ten thousand of those.

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