Still No Cure For Cancer

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Just a few weeks ago, a couple drug companies announced they had formulated vaccines for cervical cancer that are virtually 100% effective against a responsible virus. I thought this was fantastic news, because how often do we really find a way to just about eliminate an ailment, let alone a cancerous one ?

All we need to do is give the vaccine to girls before they start middle school, as part of schoolkids' regular regiment of shots, and this particular form of cancer can practically be eradicated in a generation. What's not to like ?

Plenty, it seems.

You can never bring forth news, even wonderfully good news, without opposition from someone. Excuse me, that's to say, opposition from some religious group. Most likely fundamentalist Christians. It seems the problem is that this particular form of cancer is often caused by HPV, which can be (and often is) sexually transmitted.

"Some people have raised the issue of whether this vaccine may be sending an overall message to teen-agers that, 'We expect you to be sexually active,' " said Reginald Finger.

Yes, that's the message I'm hearing. And whenever we give kids Tetanus shots, we're telling them we expect them to go out and play with rusty nails. I wonder what they would say if a vaccine for AIDS was discovered.

"I've talked to some who have said, 'This is going to sabotage our abstinence message,' " said Gene Rudd

So, in order to promote abstinence, they would deny people a vaccine for cancer. That's sick.

No one is going to decide to have premarital sex based on having received this shot. There's not one kid on the planet that's teetering on the edge, a thousand considerations in her head, that would remember a shot she received years before and allow that to tip the scale.

Abstinence teaching is done wrong anyway. The scare tactics obviously aren't working, nor do many people buy into the virtues of waiting until marriage. I propose a different plan. We should get all the teenage boys interested in "Magic: The Gathering" and "Dungeons & Dragons." When I was in school, none of the kids that played these games were getting any. It's foolproof.

If we still insist on making this an issue, we can stem most of the concern by just not telling the kids what the vaccination is for. I got a number of shots when I was growing up, and I never recall being told why I was receiving the vaccines I did. I just got them and didn't ask questions, and was grateful when our teachers told us we should be, so we wouldn't "die like kids in other countries."

While I'm on the religion subject, I got a chuckle out of this headline in the BBC today: Texas preacher killed by baptism. Wow dude, God must think you're doing it wrong.

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Eternity is an awfully long time to burn in Hell...just a thought. :)

Actually, I think Bob Barker should change his message at the end of the Price is Right from "Have Your Pets Spayed or Neutered" to "Tell your son that his HooHoo will fall off should he try to use is before the age of 25". Problem solved.