It's a Holiday Trainwreck !

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This is the best time of year because we have so many holidays bunched up together. Just after getting off Halloween and eating 40 lbs of candy in one sitting, we can fatten our bellies on fried turkey and stuffing over Thanksgiving while watching football with a can of beer in each hand. And if that weren't enough, Christmas is right around the corner. I don't know what we fatten up on at Christmas time, but I think I can manage to put on a few pounds somehow.

When I was in the Austin metro over Thanksgiving again, I enjoyed a veritable feast of bird (Emeril-style), green bean casserole (yummy!), cranberry, Alpo, and various other sides and desserts. Some of the neighbors were also at the house to join in the festivities. These people are always interesting enough to leave me with a few stories to tell.

In particular, we have a young guy whose parents have accumulated a respectable amount of money through the time-honored and glorious tradition of swindling and suing churches. I'm told they are now in ownership of a company that exclusively produces a common household item that we all may or may not enjoy on a daily basis. I'm not sure what they're called, but as described to me, this product is a funnel-shaped thing that snaps on to aluminum cans to give them a tapering neck, so you can drink out of these cans as if they were bottles. Brilliant ! Amazing !

What, you've never seen these before ? Well, neither have I. But I have it on good authority that they're sold world-wide in touristy places, especially on beaches where glass bottles aren't allowed. I hear their sales team also has an office in Alaska to sell ice cubes to the locals. Bonus points to anyone who can find me more information on these things, including testimonial of someone who has actually purchased one.

The upshot of this guy's visit, besides his entertaining personality (serious!), was that he brought along his new XBox 360 (I wanted to write XBox 360 so I would get a bunch of page hits from people Googling that ... Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Xbox 360). He said he ordered it back in January, so he was able to pick it up at midnight the day it was released to the public. I have to say, the gaming was impressive; clearly better graphics than anything else out today. It could have been better, but my brother hasn't quite convinced his wife yet that they need a 60" HDTV for the living room. Oh well, maybe for Christmas this year.

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I saw some of those can things in St. Martin... they looked kind of like this, but out of cheap plastic & much fruitier.

Which begs two questions,

1) What are you doing for koninginnedag?
2) Where do I get my bonus points?

Happy 2006,