Goodbye Christmas, Hello 2006


My TreeI started taking down the Christmas tree this evening, so I guess now I have to admit the holiday is officially over. I say "started" because the tree removal has turned into a multiple-day job. Due to a combination of factors, including lack of water, lack of sunlight, and lack of underlying presents, my tree died an untimely death. It didn't turn brown or anything, but the needles were hanging on so loosely that we couldn't turn on the ceiling fan or Charlie Brown's tree would have looked full by comparison.

This became especially problematic at the end. Although Esmeralda (my Roomba) was doing an admirable job picking up the stray needles on my floor until now, there is far too much for this little robot to handle on its own. The shopvac is making a rare appearance indoors. You see, when I was removing the tree to the backyard, I had to pass through two doorways to get there. The tree is larger than the doorways by a considerable margin, so pushing it through caused a pine needle explosion in my house. I seriously don't think I could have more needles on my floor right now if I were operating a crack house in New York.

This experience won't discourage me from getting another real tree next year though. This was my first non-plastic, highly flammable Christmas tree. In years past, I've always had a fake tree (if I was lucky), and it just wasn't the same. On the positive side, they sure are more convenient.

By the way, this also marks the fortunate removal of the holiday decorations from my place of employment. The decorations they display throughout December look as though they have been put up every year for the last four decades, which shouldn't be possible given the company isn't half that old. They seriously creep me out, especially this one of the scary little girl guarding the front door.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


Your work Christmas decorations creep me out too! At my Stiles office, they had a Karaoke Santa that would dance and sing. It came complete with a microphone in case any of our members got a wild hair and wanted to participate. They did.

I think those Christmas "decorations" are leftover props from a horror movie set...has there been a "Chucky" Christmas movie yet? I can just see him hiding out among those dolls, waiting to bite someone on the throat. Your company's HR department is sick!