My Pipes Are Clogged

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Yes we're talking about the bathroom here. But no, I'm not referring to the plumbing in myself that transports the food parts my body doesn't want to the toilet. I mean where it goes after that.

Fixing my own plumbing is usually pretty easy. When things get backed up in there, the best solution is to order a greasy pizza and pick up a tanker and wait for about 20 minutes. Problem solved.

But no amount of Italian-inspired cooking is going to get the water draining properly from my house again. Something probably needs to be dislodged from the sewer line, and I'm afraid it's going to be some evidence that was disposed of during the last party.

If I owned the house I live in, I would find this an excellent opportunity to purchase a new tool to take care of the job. Sometimes I think I welcome a thing breaking, because it gives me an excuse to replace it with something new and better; or in this case, to buy a nifty tool to fix what's broken.

Wait though... let's not forget why I'm renting instead of owning a home. When you own a house and something breaks, you have to deal with fixing it and the potentially high costs associated with that. When you rent, it becomes the landlord's problem.

I'm glad that today, dealing with where my poop goes is someone else's problem.

1 Comment

I didn't wear two suits on New Years, did I? If one can end up at the bottom of the hot tub, I would assume it's not far fetched to believe another could end up at the bottom of your toilet.