Powdered Donut Pancake Surprise

I'm so excited whenever modern science finds new ways to relieve us from personal responsibility. For instance, a few months ago we learned that a physiological dependency, much like drug addiction or pathological gambling, is what leads to Internet Addiction, a condition I suffer from but I won't admit that I need help or that it stems from a simple lack of discipline. I just demand special work conditions and the patience of my friends and family as a result of my disorder.

Now just when it was falling behind government and religion in this area, science found yet another way to tell us that we're not really responsible for what we do. They found a virus that is responsible for obesity. Now when we chow down cheeseburgers at our favorite fast food joints, we can rest easy knowing that we're only at risk of catching Mad Cow disease and not Fat Cow disease.

Alright, before this blog entry bursts with sarcasm, I'll go ahead and repeat what I've been saying forever. There's a very simple rule, backed by the Law of Conservation of Energy, that says that if you burn more calories than you take in, you absolutely will lose weight. This much is true, but when simply stated it ignores the fact that you can't just reduce your calorie intake drastically and expect to have the nutrients you need to survive. That's one reason why doctors place a healthy limit on how much weight you should lose per week (liposuction excluded).

It comes right back to personal discipline. Hey, I suffer from being hungry sometimes. I know what it's like; it is uncomfortable. But for me, the root cause is because I'm incredibly negligent when it comes to grocery shopping. I can often go months without seeing the inside of a grocery store, instead living on takeout and things I can get from the convenience store. Sometimes I try to go to sleep hungry, and I can't do it. I have to get up and eat some cold cereal or bread so my tummy has something to work on while my brain is manufacturing dreams.

Then I'll be the first to admit that I don't eat as healthy as I should. I certainly don't go the gym as often as I should. And there are lots of people with far better eating and exercise habits than myself that carry around much more weight than I do. I can't explain why, I just have a fast metabolism I guess. But even if I didn't, I can't imagine my appearance being much different because I would adjust my priorities.

If I become ill because of my eating habits, I'll readily admit that my actions caused it. Kidney stones? Maybe too much Code Red Mountain Dew. Sleeplessness? Probably because I had 4 shots of espresso at 11pm. Head explodes? Ate Pop Rocks and Coke at the same time.

I'm just saying, there are some people who always think they are a victim, and there are some who accept personal responsibility. We get to choose which type we want to be.