Silly Circles

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While I'm on the subject of fine breakfast cuisine, how can I help but mention The Cheap-Ass Cereal Hall of Fame ?Silly Circles

Get ready for a trip to a strange and foreign land. To a place where big bags are common and boxes, rare. This is a place sad cartoon characters call home. Our destination is the cereal aisle. Down on the bottom shelf.
It's Froot Loops gone silly! So very silly. Just look how silly!

Purple and pink hair??? That's silly! And look at his eyes! They're CROSSED That's text-book silly! He's even riding a unicycle! SILLY! He has a blue dog who's chasing its tail. And even HIS eyes are crossed! That's like silly squared times silly!

My goodness Silly Circles, save some silly for the other cereals!

If there's a crazier cereal out there, I haven't seen it. When do you ever see a blatant product rip-off that's more fun than the original ? Usually you get plain, solid-colored packaging and generic names that scream value and probably not toxic and Hecho en Mexico. The bar has been raised, my friends.

1 Comment