The Buick Is Sick

Today I took the Buick in for some long-needed engine work. I've been looking for a garage to take it to for a while, but most places that I've seen haven't instilled much confidence in me. But while Googling around for auto mechanics in the Dallas area, I found this place called Advanced Mechanics close to where I work. I thought I would go check it out simply because they are one of a very few establishments with a web presence, and if they're going to bother to do that, I think they must care somewhat about their business in the new millennium.

I went there yesterday to get the oil changed in my Trans Am. They had an online coupon for a $13 oil change, which is really not much more expensive than what it would cost if I did it myself. The total cost ended up being closer to $17 when you included tax, disposal fee, oil something something fee, and service-with-a-smile fee (nah, that part was free), but it was still a bargain no matter how you look at it.

Several qualities of this place actually impressed me, which is a strange thing to say about an auto garage. The place was suitably large and surprisingly clean, and well decorated with vintage Rock 'n Roll memorabilia. They also had a small showroom of early Chevy Camaros which I gathered were restored by Camaro World, another local business. But most of all, I was impressed that this was the only shop I went to where the entire workforce didn't look like illegal immigrants they were paying under the table. So with all that, I decided to entrust them with the majestic Park Avenue for repairs.

Please keep Old Brown in your thoughts and prayers, in hopes that she may roll again one day under her own immediate power. She's been a good car. As anyone knows who has ridden in it, the Buick experience is like driving your favorite sofa down the road. The soft top makes it the perfect kayak transporting machine, and the big foamy back seats make it the perfect, um, family getaway vehicle.

Since I had to drop off the car at the garage, that means I'm now carless for the day in Richardson. I walked back to my office, because it was only about 1.5 miles away and it was a beautiful summer day, albeit a little windy.

Tonight I'm going to get to have my first experience with commuting through public transportation, train style. I have to admit, I'm a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Wish me luck.