There's Nothing Funny About Undergarments

You can't say anything about underwear these days without offending someone, somewhere.

A Boston-area discount retailer recently distributed a flier advertising packages of sleeveless T-shirts (A-shirts, I guess) described as "wife-beaters." Funny and accurate as that may sound, they should have known that using that redneck colloquialism was going to cause a stir (which may have been their intention--good advertising through controversy).building 19

A spokeswoman for a group that gets offended on women's behalf, Mary Lauby, was so upset about this she gave the following statement:

"That does, you know, go to numbing and dumbing down and normalizing and suggesting that battering is a normal behavior," Lauby said.

I would just like Ms. Lauby to know that I am equally offended by the use of the term wife-beater to describe underwear. The correct term is "female-spouse-or-domestic-partner assault garments." You have to be PC these days.

It's a good thing they didn't have an ad for boxer shorts too, or she would be picketing outside the store right now.