Check Out San Francisco


Forget where you were planning on going for your next vacation and get your plane tickets to Wine Country, California. In Napa Valley you can sample the finest wines that California has to offer, from whites to reds, dry to sweet, and affordable to take-out-a-second-mortgage.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm on our return. Sofia and I have enjoyed sharing our stories from the trip, and now I'd also like to share some pictures. The Photo Gallery has a new collection that touches on the things we enjoyed while on the west coast.

Tonight I'm off to Austin for what will probably be the last time in a long while. Brother Craig & family are moving to Bartlesville, where now my entire immediate family (except Cody) will be living. They started packing this morning, and I'll be leaving immediately after work to help. If I planned this right, I'll be cruising in to town just when they finish loading the truck. :)

Happy Friday.


I thought your parents moved to wisconsin?

They did, and now they just moved back to Bartlesville a couple weeks ago. Turns out, my parents didn't like Wisconsin as much as they remembered.

so is craig working for conocophillips?