Digital Shower Thermostats

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Well that's it. I'm fresh out of original business ideas now. I've been talking about inventing a digital temperature control system for showers for a year now, and never got around to building a prototype.

The idea is that you would have an LCD and digital control dial that would allow you to precisely select the temperature of your shower and regulate the pressure of the water flow. The system could maintain your selection easily through thermistors in the pipes and actuated valves you install behind your shower walls, which would be great for when some jerk flushes the toilet when you're rinsing your hair.Grohe Shower Thermostat

Today a company announces they have productized exactly my idea. I guess new ideas never happen in a vacuum, but now I wish I bothered to file for a patent on this in the United States.

Check out their solution at I dare say they did a much better job with this than I was planning to do. They even have a wireless control ! If it works as well as they claim, my hat is off to these guys.

I'm not sure if I can get one of these toys in this country. But I'm going to find out for my next house. I must have one.

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I WANT ONE TOO!!! I'm sick of being alternately frozen and scalded in my shower at my apartment.