Favre Will Return To Packers

After another off-season of wondering whether Brett Favre would return to the Packers, the announcement comes that our quarterback is in. He generated a little heat a couple months ago with his comments that the rest of the team had to show improvement before he would commit, so hopefully this is good news on multiple levels. I don't blame him really, he was seeing a bit of "I" in the word "team" last season.Favre

Good move, Favre. He couldn't end his career after his first and only losing season with the Packers. This will give him an opportunity to restore his good name (or drag it down further). If he had quit now, he might be remembered as just another player. But with another successful season at the close of his career he will be remembered as he should: as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

Much to the delight of those close to me (take that as sarcasm or not), football preseason is less than 4 months away !

Go Pack ! And while we're at it, Boomer Sooner !!