Keeping The Ears Clean

I've been following the recent rash of articles by the editors over at on the methods and (un)importance of ear-canal cleaning. Techniques have ranged from the trusty old Q-Tip (with 50% more cotton at the tip!) to more esoteric things such as candling or using bobbypins. Most recently, we had a Otolaryngologist weigh in on the dangers of using anything inside the ear, including cotton swabs, because of the risk of puncturing the eardrum and because it's really a self-cleaning system.

Well I've put a tiny amount of thought into this and decided to continue doing what I do. As anyone who has spent any amount of time in the bathroom with me would know, I have a certain affection for Q-Tips. Swirling the little cotton swabs around in my ears feels good enough I'm convinced it is somehow sinful.

Don't let me overstate what I get out of it; it's just one of those simple pleasures in life. I mean, if a hot girl turned up in my bedroom and asked me to pick between a box of Q-Tips and a box of condoms, I'm not saying I would choose to have clean ears that night. The ears can wait until the morning.