California to France: Suck It

Thirty years ago, when the California wine industry was just getting off the ground, the Napa Valley wineries participated with the French wineries in a blind, comparative taste-test in Paris. Wine snobs everywhere were stunned when the nine French wine experts picked all California wines as the best of the best.

Earlier this week, the competition was repeated with the same wines (now aged thirty years) and some more modern vintages. It was a double-event: one panel of tasters worked out of London, and the other here in California at Copia, the "wine-and-everything-else-we-act-snooty-about" institute that tried to steal Sofia from me a couple months ago.

You could guess the only reason I'm writing about this is because the California wines took all the top honors again. When the cross-continental results were tallied and combined, Napa claimed the top five of the ten spots. At least the Frenchies were good sports about it this time around. And besides, it's not all lost for them. They know they still have the best fries and toast.

A Wine Expert

What does this mean for us ? Well, the only thing I can bet on is that next year's California wines will cost more. With any luck it will just be those already-expensive bottles I never drink anyway, the ones that wine experts recommend. I just ignore their opinions and drink what I like, and (as they say) I win every time.

Happy Memorial Day weekend. I'm off Monday, hope you are too (if you're employed).