Folgers Crystals


I'm waiting for the news to break on the huge impact of Mexican immigrant workers not doing any work today. In the meantime, those old Folger's Crystals commercials keep running through my head. You know the ones, where they switched some poor family's "other brand" coffee with Folgers and asked, "Let's see if they notice !" as if it were a live broadcast from a hidden camera. So, let's see if we notice anything different today.

I feel insensitive to their cause because every time I see a Mexican today I keep thinking to them, "Shouldn't you be at home or out protesting or something?"

I'll take it even further than that. Today I feel like I invited a bunch of homeless people over to my house, cooked them a nice hot meal (I'm saying hypothetically, as if I could cook), and had to listen to them complain the whole time about not enough cilantro and deal with them spitting in my face while I pour them a beer because they don't like Bud Light. But to tell you the truth, it's worse than that, because they weren't invited at all.

It doesn't bother me that illegal immigrants are here. Although cheap illegal labor is a drain on the overall economy, it allows small businesses to compete and could get my lawn mowed on the cheap. The only complaint and restriction I really have is that they need to respect our culture (not the other way around). This country is the United States of America, and if you want to come here, you need to learn to identify with the locals. That means you must speak American English, you must respect our customs and laws, and you must work toward obtaining legal citizenship. When you sing the National Anthem, you'll do it in English. You're not making a statement by singing it in Spanish, you're just being a disrespectful jerk and spitting on your host. And by God, if I see another American flag being flown upside-down beside a Mexican flag I'm going to flip out. It's like this is a silent invasion.

"There is no place for the hyphen in our citizenship... We are a nation, not a hodge-podge of foreign nationalities. We are a people, and not a polyglot boarding house."
- President Theodore Roosevelt, "The Square Deal"


Diversity is what makes this land great! Go, Hispanics! Go! Sing that National Anthem in any language you want! If someone wants to praise my country I don't give a damn what language they use. I almost thought about joining a protest downtown today. As the Native Americans say, "White people are immigrants."

Let's hire some suicide bombers from Iraq to run into those crowds. 2 birds, 1 stone.
Not to mention, this whole thing is stupid because they are acting like their protests are going to make them legal. This ain't about legal/illegal. It's about "how illegal?", and that's pretty gay to me.
Oh, btw, the white people are immigrants is a bunch of crap. If I was born here, I'm not an immigrant. Also, then everyone except a handful of Africans would be immigrants. If that's your statement, then I want to be the assholes and they can go to any other country on Earth and join their immigrants. Leave ours alone.

Another ridiculous thing about the proposed bill is that it would not only make illegals felons, but it would criminalize anyone who knows their status but doesn't report them. That means doctors, nurses, teachers, religious leaders, etc would be persecuted if they served an illegal immigrant in any way but did not have that person deported. That's not's a totalitarian regime.

It's so easy to be snide about immigration and other social issues if you've been born into comfort and security. When were we ever so desperate to meet our basic needs that we'd risk our life to start over in a new place? Never. I find the arrogance and naivety surrounding this issue disgusting and depressing. We all need to take a long, hard look at the bubble we live in and be willing to help out a fellow human being once in awhile.

Mexico isn't a bad place to grow up. There is plenty of commerce and capitalization for these people to have good lives there. Our view of Mexico is skewed by the tourist areas we visit which lure the freeloaders and drug dealers that make the country look poor. Hollywood doesn't exactly help the portrayal either. Most of the immigrants are the uneducated whom see that they can make 5-10 times as much money cutting lawns, building houses, and picking fruit in our country due to our stronger economy. They don't give a flip about our country, just the money.

Mexico is a big country with many different economic and cultural regions. Sure, some places are nice, and some places are terrible. Again, why would people risk their lives to come here if they could have a comfortable life in Mexico? But regardless, I think it is very unfair to make a blanket statement like “They don’t give a flip about our country, just the money.�

The US government needs a better system to make it easier and fairer to immigrate legally, and the Mexican government needs to address the many issues that make people want to abandon the country in droves. Both countries are failing their Latino populations right now.