70000 Cans of Beer on the Wall

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This dude is not invited to our next party. I like beer as much as the next guy, but I try to balance my drinking with work, sleep, and trips to the grocery store to buy more beer (and ketchup). To produce this many empties, you'd have to make beer drinking your hobby, your job, and your religion.

If you ever wondered what 70000 cans of beer in one house looked like, look no further.

That's a lot of beer!

The Utah man responsible for all this was an ideal tenant in his townhouse for eight years, until his minor drinking problem was exposed by a Realtor. This Realtor, who obviously has never been to New Jersey, described the townhouse as the "sickest thing he's ever seen."

In case you wanted to know, the Coors Light fanatic has since stopped drinking and resumed his former job. I guess all it took was national recognition of his achievement. The article didn't mention what line of business he was into, but I'm guessing it wasn't waste management.

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apparently hadn't seen goatse.cx either.