Beer Soon to be Sold in Health Foods Aisle

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Will science ever stop finding benefits to drinking beer ? If there's any fairness in the world, the answer is "no." With any luck we'll eventually learn that beer is the perfect beverage, much like how they say fish is so good for you, it's like humans were designed to eat Nemo (to my nutritionist friend: feel free to correct me on this and use lots of funny words like Omega-3 fatty acids).

Yesterday I read in the AP that beer contains an ingredient that helps prevent prostate cancer (don't be too disappointed ladies, it may prevent other cancers too, so drink up). The hops has a compound called xanthohumol (bonus points if you can pronounce that while drunk) that inhibits a type of protein production that results in cancer. Or something like that, I dunno, this isn't a medical journal.

Well that all sounds well and good, until they get to the part where you would have to drink about 17 beers a day to get the needed amount of xanthohumol for it to have a realized effect. Although I'm up to the challenge, the doctors that were cited in the article warned against such endeavors, saying that "drinking 17 beers a day can lead to alcoholism and cirrhosis of the liver." Way to rain on my parade, you so-called scientists. In fact, now I'm going to have to see their credentials.

Coffee Lover
A Coffee Lover

All is not lost, however. I was going to let that article go until I saw another news story today solves the problem associated with drinking 17 beers a day. Researchers have found that drinking coffee daily seemed to protect alcohol drinkers from liver disease. In fact, every cup of coffee reduced the incidence of cirrhosis by 22 percent. With all the coffee I drink, my liver must be a cancer-fighting machine by now.

You might point out that the doctor recommended against heavy drinking because of a risk of cirrhosis and alcoholism, and I've been conveniently ignoring that second ailment. While it's true that alcoholism is a serious condition, I think that prostate cancer is much more serious, and I feel obligated to take whatever measures I can to avoid the big C.

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So the key to true health is to alternate a beer and a coffee all day long? I'm in.