No Solicitations

Okay, I'm serious. Neither me nor any of my readers are interested in your gay porn. Whoever you are, you can stop posting 10 comment spams a day inviting us to see "Mike gay 18 years young." We're don't want to see it, no matter how young and cute you claim he is.

I know this won't do any good. I'm getting all these comments from an automated army of "pwned" computers, because they all come from different IP addresses. So they're not actually reading this, and I have nothing to ban from commenting.

A part of me thinks I'm being set up. Someone I know signed me up for all this crap. Well, if I find out who did it, your mailman is soon going to have a very sour opinion of you. Unless he happens to swing that way, in which case he might be asking you what you're doing tomorrow night.

On another note, I'm off to my company's 60th anniversary party. I've only been working there for a 10th of that time, less if you factor in the acquisition. I could be cynical and say that at least it's better than work, but I think it's actually going to be fun. Segway races, golf, poker, and with any luck, a bit of booze. And as a bonus I'm pretty confident I'll be nowhere near any gay porn.