More Snakes On More Planes

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In case you forgot, Snakes on a Plane is opening this weekend. I don't have a ticket yet, but I should get one soon because they'll probably sell out quicker than a professional football player.

I know you're questioning my enthusiasm for this movie that will probably be shamefully bad. I'm questioning it myself, and I'm no stranger to really, really terrible movies. I've come to decide that I want to see Snakes on a Plane because it makes no apologies for what it is: a campy, grassroots-driven bad movie for people who like bad movies.

There's an opinion piece that describes this well. Here's an excerpt.

"But here's the thing: [Ironic] appreciation is based on the premise that the bad movie aspired to be good. If a film never takes itself seriously and originates as satire, everything is different; its badness means something else entirely. SOAP doesn't fit into either category: It doesn't take itself seriously, but it's not a satire. It will probably be unentertaining in a completely conventional way. Which, apparently, is what people want. They want to see Snakes on a Plane in order to tell their friends that it's ridiculous, even though a) that's the only thing everyone seems to know about this movie, and b) that's been the driving force behind its marketing campaign. It's not a bad movie that's accidentally good, and it's not a good movie that's intentionally bad; it's a disposable movie that people can pretend to like ironically, even though a) it's not ironic and b) they probably won't like it at all. The only purpose of Snakes on a Plane is to make its audience feel smarter than what it's seeing. Which adds up, since that's part of the reason people like reading the Internet."

What's going to suck is if SoaP actually does well in the box office. Then we're going to have to endure years of Hollywood trying to reproduce the unlikely meme behind this movie. Like lightning in an open field, this kind of inspiration can only strike once, and the successors are going to be ignored more easily than a modern-day boy band. On second thought, everyone forget I said that. It sounds like a really temptingly terrible movie idea, and I don't want to be held responsible for You Got Served II: Boy Band F'd You In The A.

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