Scott Adams is a Genius

If I were jumping from a sinking ship onto a two-person lifeboat and had to choose between your company and that of Scott Adams, well, I'm sorry, you would have to drown in the cold, harsh sea.

It's nothing personal, of course. It's just that I read the blog of Dilbert author Scott Adams every day, and every day I find myself more addicted to his creative and humorous commentary on politics, religion, and stupid people. The guy is a genius of the first order, up there with the likes of Einstein and Edison and George W. Bush (do your worst, Democrats).

This isn't a man-crush of any kind, but it's the closest non-gay-sounding thing to that.

Today, Mr. Adams is talking about the apparent resolution in the war between Israel and Hezbollah. He's delighted to explain how both sides think they won, but for different reasons. He then goes on to lay the groundwork for how to solve these kinds of conflicts in the future. Bask in the goodness:

If you want to win the Nobel Peace Prize, figure out a way to trade land for pride. I think it could be done, but you'd have to find a non-lethal way to fuel pride that doesn't involve the material world. It sounds impossible but consider that Gandhi turned not-eating and not-fighting into a source of power, and no one saw that coming.

If I were that clever, you would read my blog every day, too.