300 Million Strong And Growing

Today the United States has reached a population of 300 million people. What does that mean to us ? Well, nothing. It's just a number, and we get a kick out of big round numbers. When my car's odometer rolls around to 100000 miles I'm probably going to be so fixated on it that I'll run off the road.

From the article :

Some American commentators are already saying the landmark is a chance to note the US is perhaps the only country in the developed world where the economy is being bolstered by a population that is growing at a discernable rate. But many experts say passing the 300 million milestone should be a wake-up call that demands a reappraisal of the extraordinary, unparalleled rate of consumption by the world's largest economy and its third largest by population.

Alright, we've done a good job people. You can all stop breeding like crazy now.