Reinventing The Wheel

tweel.jpgNow this is progress. I'm sure people have been thinking about how to make non-inflatable tires ever since they came up with the idea of inflatable tires. I guess the only reason all tires aren't just solid is because they would give a heck of a bumpy ride in exchange for that reliability. Air is a lot more squishy than solid rubber (and then, solid rubber is more squishy than solid concrete too (cavemen had it all wrong)).

But these Michelin guys apparently have something that might be a good compromise between solid and air-filled: a bunch of bendy spokes within the tire.

The benefits of these new tires/wheels, called tweels, sound enormous (unlike the name, which sounds goofy). No more worry about nails in the tire, fewer blowouts, and checking tire pressure would be a thing of the past. The concerns seem to be in the handling characteristics and ride comfort, including noise. Can't win 'em all, yet. But I'm guessing they'll have that worked out before I get my flying car.