Traffic (The Bad Kind)

I have a long commute to work. This doesn't bother me too terribly much because I enjoy driving, I like playing with my navigation toys while driving, and it gives me an opportunity to listen to Pimsleur Italian on the iPod and learn some new words (ascolte e ripete).

What I don't like is getting stuck in traffic, especially for no reason whatsoever. I may enjoy driving, but as soon as the speedometer reads 0 when it should read 60, it instantly becomes too much of a good thing.

Traffic jams aren't normally a problem for me because I work somewhat irregular hours and commute in the opposite direction of most other people. I live in the city and work in the suburbs. So while my lane is zipping right along, I see the faces of frustrated drivers inching along in the other direction, and I wonder if they're asking themselves why they chose to live so far away from work and endure the commute into the city. They're probably not asking themselves that, though. They're probably thinking about what charitable acts they could do that day, how they could help the homeless and hungry, or maybe just about how much they want to hook up with that cute new chick in accounting.

Some mornings are notable exceptions to my peaceful commute. Sometimes there's a wreck on the highway, and we get stuck in blocked lanes while the emergency teams come in and do their thing. Crap happens, I understand. But what really frustrates me is when the wreck is on the other side of the divided highway. You get up to the wreck and everyone has slowed down to look, even though there's no reason for it. We've all seen it before, and there's nothing on our side of the barrier. This is such a common frustration, I can't believe people still do it.

This morning really took the cake though. I got stuck in traffic this morning because there was an accident on the access road on the other side of the divided highway. I give you that there were several firetrucks and ambulances, but still... even if you wanted to see some gory bits, we were too far away. So please people, if you want to see this kind of thing, go watch Nascar, and stop beating me down on my morning commute.

Now I need a beer.