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Wintry Mix

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There are about a million places in the world where the weather is erratic. In each one of them, you'll hear someone comment that if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. It's one of those quips that starts off not being very amusing and goes downhill from there.

Dallas is having one such moment right now. Yesterday it was 79 degrees, and today we have a high of 30. That's below zero for you metric system folks. I don't know how the temperature can change that fast, but I'm pretty sure Al Gore and Easy Cheese have something to do with it.

I welcome the cold weather. It's December already, give or take a day. I'm ready for a change from the heat and I'm ready to go play in the snow. As luck would have it, it's snowing right now. The office snowball fight has already begun. And I'm wondering why it's so cold in here.

A baby polar bear is sitting on an iceberg with his mother. Suddenly he asks, "Mom, am I really a polar bear?" His mother replies, "Why, of course, dear." A minute later, he asks again, "Mom, am I really a polar bear?" His mother says, "I'm a polar bear, your daddy is a polar bear, you are a polar bear. Now finish eating your seal!" A minute later, the baby asks the question again. Annoyed, the mother shouts, "Yes! Why do you keep asking?" To which the baby shrieks, "Because I'm freezing my ass off !"

The Power Of PR


The endlessly entertaining Defective Yeti has this to say on choosing your words carefully.

It was 7:00 AM and I was at the the office, feeling peckish. I went to the next-door deli, but nothing on their breakfast menu appealed to me, so I asked if they could make a grilled cheese sandwich. Unfazed, the guy whipped up my order and handed it to me on a paper plate. I decided to eat it at my desk.

Now this was a few years ago, back when I worked at a call center. In order to return to my cubicle I had walk from the front door to the back of the building, passing dozens of my colleagues in the process. Many seemed agog at my breakfast selection.

"What is that?" asked one. When I told him, he seemed stunned. "A grilled cheese sandwich?" he said in disbelief. "At seven in the morning?!"

A few moments later, as I was still wending my way back to my work space, a second coworker asked me the same question. "Eating grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast can not be healthy," she announced after I told her.

I wasn't safe from inquisition even after arriving at my desk. The guy in the cubicle next to me leaned over, saw what I was eating, and asked what it was.

I opened my mouth to say "grilled cheese sandwich," but abruptly decided to change tack. "It's breakfast cheese toast," I said instead.

"Breakfast cheese toast?" he exclaimed, with a note of wonder in his voice. "Where did you get it? That sounds delicious!"

PS3 Madness

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I'm not much of a gamer. Today's video games are far too complicated for this old man, with the 84 button controllers featuring motion sensors and gyroscopes and vibrators. My gaming skills pretty much peaked around the Pac-Man and Space Invaders days. So I'm not at all excited by Friday's release of the Playstation ps3 line

That's why when I went to Best Buy on Thursday night to get a memory card for my phone, I was surprised to see about 50 people lined up outside the store, waiting until 12:01am to perhaps buy a new Playstation. Check out the picture I took on the right. They had tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, laptop computers, and a complete lack of a sense of priority.

From what I can tell, this was a pretty tame crowd. Around the rest of the country, we had armed robbers stealing 5 PS3s from an Ohio EB Games store, a riot breaking out at a Circuit City, police having to use pepper balls to control a crowd in Virginia, and many more.

Then we have some dorks that were taking donations from people on the Internet to buy a PS3 and then smash it in front of a bunch of fanboys. They collected the money, waited in line for 18 hours like everyone else, and when they got the thing outside they took a sledgehammer to the thing and smashed it to pieces, much to the horror of the true gamers. And they caught it all on film.

My favorite PS3 story though is about some company who convinced a card-carrying line-waiting PS3 fanboy to swear off Sony forever. In exchange for a $7500 computer, the guy had to sign a legally binding contract to not purchase or ever own a PS3. The sacrifice must have been overwhelming.

Percentage of Chart Which Resembles Pac-Man

Pacman Pie Chart

I'm getting a nearly endless supply of chuckles out of the absurdity that comes with complete misuse of a pie chart.

Italy October 2006 Pictures

I put just a few of the better pictures from my first trip to Italy in the photo gallery . I took hundres of photos, but many of them didn't come out so well because of low light and because my hands are always so shaky.

It's okay though, because the pictures of these places you find on Wikipedia and elsewhere on the Internet are better than what I could have taken anyway. On my next visit I'll try to get some pictures with people in them, namely myself and you, because you're going to come visit me while I'm there. Cool.

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