Wintry Mix

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There are about a million places in the world where the weather is erratic. In each one of them, you'll hear someone comment that if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. It's one of those quips that starts off not being very amusing and goes downhill from there.

Dallas is having one such moment right now. Yesterday it was 79 degrees, and today we have a high of 30. That's below zero for you metric system folks. I don't know how the temperature can change that fast, but I'm pretty sure Al Gore and Easy Cheese have something to do with it.

I welcome the cold weather. It's December already, give or take a day. I'm ready for a change from the heat and I'm ready to go play in the snow. As luck would have it, it's snowing right now. The office snowball fight has already begun. And I'm wondering why it's so cold in here.

A baby polar bear is sitting on an iceberg with his mother. Suddenly he asks, "Mom, am I really a polar bear?" His mother replies, "Why, of course, dear." A minute later, he asks again, "Mom, am I really a polar bear?" His mother says, "I'm a polar bear, your daddy is a polar bear, you are a polar bear. Now finish eating your seal!" A minute later, the baby asks the question again. Annoyed, the mother shouts, "Yes! Why do you keep asking?" To which the baby shrieks, "Because I'm freezing my ass off !"

1 Comment

Snow days are a bonus!! Enjoy the traffic, I'll enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace. Have a great winter day!