Missing Persons

I'm following the story of the disappearance of James Kim, CNET news editor, with uncommon personal interest. In fact, the whole country seems to be waiting somewhat anxiously to hear how this one plays out. The amount of media coverage the guy is getting is refreshingly uplifting, considering Mr. Kim is not a young, hot blonde teenage girl lost at an island resort.

To recap the story so far, James Kim and his family were driving in Oregon when they somehow became stranded. They survived for seven days by first running the heater in the car until it ran out of gas, then by building campfires from the car tires. Mr. Kim left to go look for help a couple days before search helicopters located his wife and kids, who are doing well. Mr. Kim is still lost, but has in his possession two lighters and a heavy coat. Earlier today rescuers found his pants, which he either left behind as a marker, or that he took off perhaps suggesting the onset of hypothermia. Most recently, a brief cell phone signal has helped narrow the search.

It's very likely he's still alive, and that he'll be found tomorrow. Until then, good luck man. The cold wilderness is no place to be without Toastie Toes and the right equipment.

UPDATE 06-Dec-2006: Better luck next time. RIP.