Pig Out

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I like doing things that normal people generally haven't done. It gives me something to talk about when I'm invariably asked what I did the previous weekend, and whenever I start feeling too ordinary I have activities to look back on to get myself out of that rut.

Spit Roast PigThe kind of things I'm talking about fall neatly within the moral boundaries held by all but the most conservative people, so don't think I'm going to have stories about theft or assault or removing mattress tags. I'm talking about small stuff like raising ducklings, flying around in prop planes, hiking in Oregon, and most recently participating in the spit-roasting of a pig.

Now ordinary people might question the practicality of this method of pig preparation. Even more normal people might suggest just buying a precooked packaged ham from the grocery store. While it's undeniable that would be the most efficient and quick way to get ham into your belly, the whole cooking experience is going to pass by without any risk of remembering it or even a hint of fun, unless of course you forget to turn the oven off and burn down your house.

For the uninitiated, I'll describe briefly the idea behind spit roasting a pig. The first thing you need is a whole pig. Ours, which came from a butcher in a bad Dallas neighborhood, was complete with eyes, snout, feet ... everything you would expect on a pig but the hair. The underside is sliced open, kidneys removed, and stomach cleaned and filled with stuffing. Then the spit is run through the tail end all the way through to the mouth. At this point the animal is more-or-less ready to be cooked. After being rotated occasionally for about seven hours over a fire, dinner is served. For best results beer should be consumed during the entire cooking process.

I don't take pictures of my quarter ham after I take it out of the oven, but I did take pictures of this. Click the photo if you'd like to see it bigger.

1 Comment

Was yum.
Reminiscing of pig's blood running down my hands and forearms. Could have used a little salt though.