Seasons Greetings

It's only a few days until Christmas and the festivities are in full swing. I've been keeping busy with various holiday parties, shopping for presents, and putting up decorations that will likely stay up until sometime mid-March.

I'm satisfied my shopping is finished, save picking up one thing and waiting on another to arrive in the mail. Now all I have left to do is wrap the presents. I don't mind doing this so much because it doesn't take much concentration, at least not the way I do it. I use actual wrapping paper (not, say, the funny pages from last Sunday's paper), but being the cheapskate that I am, I bought a gigantic roll of Santa & Friends paper years ago and have been using the same stuff ever since. I can't imagine anyone has noticed. The final challenge is to wrap the presents I got for my niece before I give in to the urge to open them and play with the toys myself.

Decorating worked out nicely at the office as well as at home. We even have a tree up in the living room, but we took the easier route and went plastic this year. This didn't have to be the case--I saved the live tree that we put up last year, but my plan reuse trees didn't gain any support. Alright, I didn't so much save that tree as I never got around to disposing of it; and I'll admit it's not looking so good anymore. Okay fine, even Charlie Brown's tree looked good compared to that thing now.