Time Enough At Last


From the Scott's Inventions series.

You know how I keep talking about the things I want to invent, but never getting around to doing so ? And then eventually someone has the same idea as me and actually follows though, and I get all upset I didn't act ? Well, this time is no different. But I'm going to share with you my new idea right now, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist already.

Here it is. The somewhat random time clock. It's so brilliant, it's going to require some explanation (and convincing).Clocky

I was in someone's car the other day and noticed her clock was set 15 minutes fast. In fact, I've known several women that have their clocks set around 15 minutes fast, the idea being that it will somehow trick her into thinking she has less time to get somewhere than she actually does, encouraging her to hurry. (It's always women, but I'm not making any jokes--it's just an observation. If you're a man and have intentionally set your clock wrong, please let me know). I think this is a fantastic idea, but it doesn't work for me because I know the clock is set incorrectly and my brain automatically corrects the time before I apply it.

Now my idea comes into play. I'm going to create a clock that knows the correct time, but each day (sometime during the sleeping hours) it randomly changes the display time to be between 0 and 15 minutes faster than what the time really is. That way, you have no way of knowing if you're REALLY going to be late or not ! The idea, of course, is that you have to assume the clock is actually at the extreme edge of incorrectness or you risk being late.

We all know the best solution is simply better time management, but who has the time for that ?


great idea!
i actually do set my clock wrong, but just in weird intervals (like 28 minutes) - so the math isnt as easy.

I set my clock 13 minutes off to make the math hard. Well, it's hard at 6:30 a.m. anyway. It seems to work, so if it ain't broke...