Settling In


I've been here for almost 3 weeks now, and I've just finished unpacking. I've been living out of my suitcase, for the most part, the whole time. After doing laundry, I actually folded my clothes and put them back in the suitcase, for reasons I can't really explain, unless it was some sort of rebellion against relocation. I guess it was a good milestone for me to dump the contents of the suitcase on the bed and arrange everything in drawers and in the closet. Scandicci is officially home.

In recognition of my new living arrangements, I've been going to the store to get things to make me feel more at home. The most important find was an American-style drip coffee maker. Sure, the espresso is great over here, but it's so small, not even excluding when I order a caffe lungo (tall coffee). Sometimes you just want a big ol' cup of coffee to sip on for a while. And after being told I wouldn't be able to find a drip coffee maker here, I got one, and it's happily making American-style coffee from Italian beans.

Sometimes I buy things that turn out to not be what I was expecting. I bought what I thought was a carton of milk, but it turned out to be cream. The first sip was something of a surprise. I bought what I thought was orange juice, but I found out the hard way I should pay more attention to the labeling. I shook up the "orange juice" really good, and then opened the screw top, only to find the aranciata was orange soda when the carbonated drink sprayed all over my kitchen.

Sometimes I buy things just because I recognize them from the United States. Comfort foods. I don't really even like chocolate, but I saw a bag of M&Ms in the store so I bought them. Not only were they crazy expensive, but they didn't really even taste like the M&Ms I remember. And to top it all off, they melted in my mouth AND in my hand. sheesh.

Now all I need to get is a BBQ grill and some Johnsonville cheesy brats and I'll be set.


Your watchdog has increased his skills to include being a hunting dog. he found a big ass cat or raccoon or something in one of the storm sewers and won't leave it alone, that site is always on our walk schedule and I have to drag him away to continue our walk. He drags me to the site!

Hey, when in Rome... How many times have you heard that? Well let me be the 23884834th