Trapped at Work

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I knew it was going to happen.

Tonight, I was the last person to go home and I got stuck at the office. They closed the outside gate, and I had to sleep on the cold, hard ground under a tree. Okay, I didn't really, but I thought it might come to that.

I never bothered to get the keys to the building where I work. I always assumed other people would be there before I arrived (I'm not exactly an early riser), and as long as I left before 9:00pm when the security firm comes to lock up, I would be fine. Except as I was leaving at 8:45 last night, I drove up to the front gate and found it solidly closed. The security people came and left early, so they could get an early start on caging wild animals and eating spicy meatballs.

So there I was, staring at a set of metal bars that needed only spirals of barbed wire to really be my prison. With no way out of the parking lot, and no way back into the building, I considered climbing the ten foot gate and walking home. But I was already not feeling well and it was too cold and rainy for a 1.5 mile walk. After a survey of the area I decided there was no good way out, on foot or in car.

If only I knew the phone number of someone with a gate key, I could have called for help. But I checked my phone, and all I had were numbers of coworkers that were currently in the US, and they weren't answering.

The idea that would get me out came 15 minutes after I starting wishing I had a sleeping bag with me. I had a computer in my bag, and a wireless Internet connection to get on the company network and find somebodys phone number. Lucky for me, the first person I tried (who lives closest to the office) answered and agreed to come let me out.

First thing when I get to work tomorrow, I'm getting the office keys.

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Triumph at last, MacGyver!