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The Age Of Entitlement

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I'm sure there is a reason this analogy should fall flat on its face, but I'm entertained by it anyway.

Where does this analogy break down?
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Your neighbor deserves a slice of your pie. I have no problem sharing my baked goods with those who are unable to bake. Everyone has hard times at some point in their lives, financial or otherwise. But forced charity to those who are unwilling to help themselves... well, the message is that it's acceptable to demand a free lunch. Even to feel entitled to it.

It reminds me of an article I read a while back about the Age of Entitlement.

Entitlement issues are increasingly a concern of psychologists and therapists. Pastors and some educators report similar concerns. We seem to have come to the place where we feel entitled to the good life. We're entitled to have everything work for us. If it doesn't, someone must be to blame, and you can be sure of at least this: Whoever is at fault, it isn't us.

The guy argues that the 70's self-esteem movement has somehow morphed into an entitlement movement. I'm inclined to agree. How often do you hear people talking about how they deserve more ? How much they are owed ? How they are victimized ?

Their free slice of pie is never as big as it should be.

Life must be so unfair to everyone.

Gun Control Gives False Comfort


I'm not a member of the NRA. I've fired a gun only once in my life, and that was just a few months ago. The closest thing to a weapon I own is a steak knife, and I use it to cut steak (sometimes vegetables too, I don't have a separate vegetable knife). So gun ownership and carry laws aren't much of an issue for me.

The recent events at Virginia Tech are really unfortunate. I feel sorry for everyone who had to be involved in that--the grief must be overwhelming. I don't know how many people choose to deal with grief, but the most popular American way seems to be to assign blame, and assign it widely and loudly. Of course the shooter is ultimately at fault, but why stop there ?

It took only hours for Jack Thompson to get up on his soap box to blame violent video games for the incident.

It took less time than that for others to blame the Second Amendment.

A Virginia Tech spokesman was quick to point out the university does not allow handguns on campus, even for those who have a license to carry them. His statement reads that "this will help parents, students, faculty, and visitors feel safe on our campus."

The reasoning here entirely escapes me. It must just be a feel-good thing to say.

The effect is that the lawful people will not have protection when it may be needed. Does he believe for a second that an assailant is going to plan a murdering spree, but stop short at the last second and say, "golly gee, my plan to kill all of these people would have worked perfectly, except they don't allow me to take a gun on campus! Oh well!" Yeah I know the expression is old and trite, but I'll say it anyway: When guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.

I'm not saying everyone should be allowed to carry firearms around with them at all times. As I understand it, getting a concealed carry permit is no walk in the park as it stands, and it maybe could be a bit more difficult, just to make sure the people carrying weapons are really qualified to be doing so. If a person proves him or herself worthy through testing, background checks, registration of weapons, and whatever else to get the license, then I don't have a problem with it.

Here's what happens in a similar situation when there is someone with a gun nearby.

Life In Four Pictures

This is both sad and beautiful at the same time.

Life in Four Pictures

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