The Age Of Entitlement

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I'm sure there is a reason this analogy should fall flat on its face, but I'm entertained by it anyway.

Where does this analogy break down?
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Your neighbor deserves a slice of your pie. I have no problem sharing my baked goods with those who are unable to bake. Everyone has hard times at some point in their lives, financial or otherwise. But forced charity to those who are unwilling to help themselves... well, the message is that it's acceptable to demand a free lunch. Even to feel entitled to it.

It reminds me of an article I read a while back about the Age of Entitlement.

Entitlement issues are increasingly a concern of psychologists and therapists. Pastors and some educators report similar concerns. We seem to have come to the place where we feel entitled to the good life. We're entitled to have everything work for us. If it doesn't, someone must be to blame, and you can be sure of at least this: Whoever is at fault, it isn't us.

The guy argues that the 70's self-esteem movement has somehow morphed into an entitlement movement. I'm inclined to agree. How often do you hear people talking about how they deserve more ? How much they are owed ? How they are victimized ?

Their free slice of pie is never as big as it should be.

Life must be so unfair to everyone.

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I finally have a new grading system, Thanks! Unfortunately, this is really prevalent in the attitudes of students.