Italian Advertisements

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When in Italy, I get barraged with a whole new set of paid advertisements when playing on the Internet.

A good lot of them are ads from companies offering to help you get your green card, for the price of either your first born or a bottle of olive oil (they really like their olive oil). Some are more on the level than others--they also run the scam of trying to trick unsuspecting viewers into thinking they have won something. I especially like the one that says "Congratulations, you have won a chance to fulfill your dream of working in the US for a year! Click here!" har har.

Otherwise, the advertisements are generally about the same as you see in the US, except they're in Italian and feature gratuitous scantily-clad Italian women.

Oh, and they tend to push the bar a bit too. I just logged out of MySpace, and here is the advertisement I'm left with (I kind of like the True ads in the US better):


Sorry for the huge animated GIF.

The text is mostly unimportant, but since you're curious, it says "What will you do next summer ? Discover the world with EF. For a free brochure click here." (I didn't copy the hyperlink, so if you really want to discover the world with EF, you're on your own).

Has it been enough time ? Does this graphic really depict a plane crashing into a building, or is the plane just nudging the building, causing the world to rotate ? Is this just another failure of Italian iconology ? I'm so confused.

Someone should be offended by this. But I don't feel up to it. Any takers ?

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And a house coming out of the ocean?! Is it on stilts? What gives? How big is that building? And that airplane too?! I'm pretty sure if you can tilt your head far enough to level the earth where that building is, you'll see that it's leaning as well. Are they encouraging terrorism against their own country?

Ahh... I don't care, but maybe I convinced you to cock your head and look retarded. I hope someone saw you doing that.