Never Ever Ever Talk to the Police

I don't really have a problem with police in general.  As in every profession (mine included), there are good ones and there are bad ones.  Of course, with police work the bad ones can sometimes result in innocent people meeting an untimely death, whereas in software the worst that usually happens is your spreadsheet crashes and you have to start over on that budget your boss wanted two days ago.

Even still, I avoid the police like they're covered in Chernobyl fallout and olive paste.  Just as is success, catastrophe is often about being in the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time.  I don't want to take any unnecessary chances.

Today, Boing Boing linked to a couple videos describing why you should never talk to the police without first consulting a lawyer.  That Miranda warning is your best friend if you are "interviewed" by the police.  Despite its reputation, it's meant for innocent people.  The Miranda warning, which describes the fifth amendment, will help prevent you from inadvertantly and accidentally condemning yourself.

Of course, "innocence" is relative. At the very beginning of the video, Prof. Duane addresses the -- literally -- unknowable extent to which federal laws and regulations have grown, so that even the government itself has no idea how many punishable offenses there are. It's very easy for people with clean consciences to admit to violating laws and regulations they never knew existed.

Total runtime is around 45 minutes.  It's probably worth watching--the information therein could save your life, quite literally, someday.