NPH Would Do That

I can't stand musicals.  They're so drab and artificial; after watching for 15 minutes I start wondering if the frown on my face will be stuck forever.  For these reasons and a thousand more, I won't be seeing that new musical now in theaters.  You're more likely to see me signing off the Internet, powering down my computers, and throwing them in the trash.  And world peace is even more likely than that.

But leave it up to Joss Whedon to make an exception.  If you've been around me much, you've probably had to listen to me try to convince you to watch his Firefly TV series.. And for some reason, nobody ever does.  Just look at the positive reviews on Amazon, people!  It's a western!  In space!  The most awesome of worlds collide in a brilliant way.

Now Whedon has something new on the table (the Internet table):  Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  It's a three-act web series featuring Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, a wannabe mad scientist evildoer who video-blogs about his plans for world domination; his application to the Evil League of Evil; his arch-enemy Captain Hammer; and his crush on the cute girl at the local laundromat.

Go watch it now.   It's not going to be available online for free much longer.  Trust me, it's worth 45 minutes of your life.  Watch it.