The Busy Life

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In a recent post I suggested that I did not have time for this blog anymore.  While that may be true, the lack of time for the hobby is merely a matter of priorities.

You recognize the same thing when planning your day:  priorities cause the important stuff to float to the top, and the rest of the drivel sinks to the depths of forgotten negligence.  They even get demoted to reduce the guilt of your neglect (it's just drivel, after all).

Thinking about this has caused me to reconsider my use of the word busy.  It's easy for me to realize that being busy is an excuse for justifying priorities.  One person has certainly chosen different commitments than the next, but in the end we all have twenty-four hours in a day.  When you tell someone you're too busy, what you're really saying is that their request didn't make the cut.  "My day is booked, and I'm not going to miss my happy hour or my nap or my Star Trek marathon on TBS for you."

It's obvious, I know.  It's just more curt the way I say it.

So I've decided not to say I'm busy anymore.  I have been taking the opposite approach: I'm telling everyone that I'm absolutely flush with free time.  I have so few responsibilities that my life is a textbook example of leisure.  It's not true, of course, but it's fun to say.  In fact I've noticed that when I tell people this, they get genuinely aggravated or even upset with me.  Everyone knows how busy they are, and they want everyone else to suffer the same burden.

Which is funny to me, because how can everyone be so busy when they've seen every episode of Lost and 24 and mastered the hard level of Guitar Hero ?

So we all think we're busy and active because we feel we have to be.  I guess it's because you have to act that way or you will feel like you're squandering your life.  In some sense, "busy" is a self-aggrandizing word used in place of "occupied."

The promotional folk are keenly aware of the phenomenon, too.  Have you noticed how many products are advertised as "perfect for your active lifestyle" ?   Just about everyone must identify with that.  Even the most slovenly couch-potato can be heard gasping "that's me!" between bites of a Baconator and gulps of Diet Coke.  It's universal.

I'd write more, but I have other priorities now.  You're probably too busy to leave a comment.

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