The Second Third Coming

Check it out:  I just resurrected most of my blog.  It looks kind of like it used to, except I put a new banner at the top from a picture I took at Castello Banfi in Montalcino last week.

I think everything is here again minus the photo gallery.  I'm going to start a new one.. a fresh one.  I decided against importing all of the old pictures because, honestly, some of them were somewhat inappropriate then and many of them are very inappropriate now.  So just as soon as I have photos to post, there will be a gallery.  I'll keep the dog pics to a minimum.

Thanks to everyone who kept my feed in your RSS reader through this drought.  It's been, what, a billion seconds since my last post?  I kind of miss writing here--it was sort of my creative outlet.. and in some ways, my creative inlet (I don't know what that means).

My future posts are guaranteed to contain 20% less sarcasm and 62% more empty promises.  And they'll occur 0.05% more frequently than before.  How can you resist ?  My feed, it's down there in the lower-right.  If you click right now, I'll mail you a pony.


Where is my pony?

Or, should i say "Dove è la mia pony?"

[scott: è nella posta!]