Paris for President ?

No, I don't mean we should outsource the presidency to a foreign land like a tech support call center.  I mean it just came to my attention that Paris Hilton is running as an independent.

Here is her announcement, in poolside video form.  (I'm so glad they don't all do it this way.)

Hilton's platform is one of energy reform, retribution, and vanity.  And the last one is the kicker: vote for her because she says she's hot.

Well.. that and the celebrity status could be all she needs to win by a landslide.

Think about how you vote for local elections.  You can't judge with any accuracy who would be the best candidate for vice commissioner of the Adopt-a-Highway program, so you just pick any name that sounds vaguely familiar.  For most people this voting technique goes all the way up to the Senator level.  For a sizable portion of the population it probably extends even to the Executive office.

That's why I think a huge number of people would be marking their ballots like this:

Paris FTW

Don't believe me ?  How do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to be the governator of California ?  Did the people of LA know that he was any more qualified than the other candidates ?  I guarantee you the majority of voters saw the name of a famous actor and based their decision on name-recognition alone.  It was a lucky coincidence that he was (and still is) an outstandingly appropriate person for the job.

My point is: we don't require any sort of competency exam for participating in elections.  You might say the greatest strength of democracy is also its greatest weakness.

Enjoy the White (err, Pink) House, Paris.  I just hope we're not all watering our plants with Brawndo in a few years.

Of course I know the video was a joke.  Stop it.  And the arrogance here is tongue-in-cheek; I'm not qualified to vote, either.