Digging to China

Remember when you were a little kid with a shovel, digginmap_indian_ocean.pngg intently in your backyard in hopes of reaching China and scoring some really great spring rolls with duck sauce (or whatever your intentions were).

Turns out they all lied to us.  If you dig from Texas, or really anywhere else in the United States, you're going to eventually pop out on the other side of the planet somewhere in the Indian Ocean.  Disappointing, I know, but if you still want to try be sure to bring along your fire suit and oxygen tanks.  And probably a lot of survival gear that hasn't been invented yet.

If you want to play around with tunneling to the other side of the Earth, check out this free map tool.  It's kinda fun.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, if you wanted to get to China from the opposite side of the world, you're best off to start your digging in Argentina.